Agricultural Science  
  in alphabetical order

The Chinese Society for Neuroscience(CSN)

Chinese Crystallographic Society(CCrS)

Mycological Society of China(MSC)

Operations Research Society of China(ORSC)

Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society(CEMS)

The China Society on Tibetan Plateau(CSTP)

Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences(CALAS)

Systems Engineering Society of China’(SESC)

China Wildlife Conservation Association(CWCA)

Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering(CSRME)

Chinese Society of Optimization,Overall Planningand Economic Mathematics(CSOOPEM)

Chinese Society for Imaging Scienceand Technology(CSIST)

China Society of Natural Resources (CSNR)

Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences(CSES)

Ecological Society of China(ESC)

Chinese Psychological Society(CPS)

Genetics Society of China(GSC)

The Biophysical Society of China (BSC)

Chinese Society for Plant Biology(CSPB)

Chinese Society for Cell Biology(CSCB)

The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CSBMB)

Chinese Society for Microbiology(CSM)

The Entomological Society of China(ESC)

Botanical Society of China(BSC)

China Zoological Society(CZS)

Seismological Society of China(SSC)

Chinaese Society for Oceanography(CSO)

Chinese Society for Oceanology and Limnology(CSOL)

Palaeontological Society of China(PSC)

Chinese Society for Mineralogy,Petrology and Geochemistry(CSMPG)

Chinese Geophysical Society(CGS)

The Geographical Society of China(GSC)

Geological Society of China(GSC)

Chinese Society of Space Research(CSSR)

Chinese Meteorological Society(CMS)

Chinese Astronomical Society(CAS)

Chinese Chemical Society(CCS)

Acoustical Society of China(ASC)

The Chinese Optical Society(COS)

The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics(CSTAM)

Chinese Physical Society(CPS)

Chinese Mathematical Society(CMS)

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