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Delegation of Beijing Association for Science and Technology participates in Thailand Science Communication Events


Invited by the National Science Museum (Thailand) and on behalf of BAST, Wang Danyumember of the 9th session of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST), vice chairman of the Science Association of Da Bei Nong Group, lead a delegation of 4 people from the alliance units of Beijing science popularization resources, to participate in the National Science and Technology Exhibition and the Seminar with the theme of "Thailand Science Festival: Effective Forms of Science Communication”, which was sponsored by the National Science and Technology Museum in Thailand from August 23 to 26, 2017.


At the seminar, science communication experts from ASEAN countries including Kampuchea, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the invited representatives from China and South Korea gave reports and had discussions on topics of science festivals and international cooperation. Wang gave a report on the endeavor that BAST had made to upgrade the vision and practice of science communication. Taking the Beijing Science Carnival as a case, Wang briefed its overall situation and analyzed its objectives, activities, social effects and developing targets. He also invited the audience to participate in Beijing Science Carnival 2017 which will be held in the 3rd week of September.


The report aroused a positive response among the representatives of the meeting, with whom the members of the BAST delegation had a full exchange of views and negotiation on cooperation in the free discussion session. Agreements are reached that science communication organizations of the Republic of Korea (ROK), Singapore, Thailand and other countries will send experts and exhibition projects to participate in the Beijing Science Carnival 2017. The delegates also visited the exhibition projects and main venues of the National Science Museum (Thailand) and had discussions with the staff during their stay in Thailand.


In the implementation of the deep reform of the system of science and technology, BAST actively made a transition in their thinking and working methods in external communication to make a better use of the rich resources of the global science communication network, keep in close touch with grassroots and socialization institutions of science communication, set up a more effective communication platform, and better serve the science communication workers.


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